Ferguson on My Mind

As a black woman from the United States, I have been troubled but not surprised by the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. Racism is a fault line in the US that continues to dehumanize black and brown people in the US. On the whole, we have higher rates of unemployment, experience housing discrimination, and have poor health outcomes. I stand with the people in Ferguson because they deserve more. They have the right to love, learn, and flourish without fear of being murdered by the police. I wrote a short poem for my brothers and sisters in the Midwest.


I am not the bourgeoisie

The Gentry

Or the NYPD

I am the black urban poor

From Ferguson to Baltimore

Can you hear me roar?

I plucked the peaches from the Georgia groves

And picked the cotton from the Carolina fields

I mended the dress from the assembly line

And I cleaned up the Gulf after the oil spill

My coarse hands have bled and burned

My feet have hardened on the dusty road

And when you lock me up in prison

My comrades and I revolt

I am the black class

The angry class

The oppressed class

Yet I will no longer tolerate being second class


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